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How To Play Madison Square Garden

A guide to stage performance

Whether you’re contemplating a rock star career as a pop goddess or just want to kill the competition at your high school talent contest, the rules and concepts of being a great performer are the same. Why do some bands sell out stadiums while other talented musicians can’t sell 30 tickets to their show? Developing your personal stage presence and all it encompasses has typically been learned the long hard way. Lots of shows, lots of clubs, some you win, some you lose. It can be a long, frustrating process.

How to Play Madison Square Garden saves you time and teaches you the techniques used by multi-platinum artists.


Learn how to:

  • Define who you are as a performer

  • Forge a lasting bond with your audience

  • Deal with stage fright • Develop that elusive “it” factor

  • And more…



For the next generation of wanna-be arena-fillers, there is now an alternative to spending years on the road, playing empty dives, and pimping out the bass player to get radio play. Mindi Abair's book gives away every professional secret of how to make it to Madison Square Garden. And how to get an encore!”

John Taylor of Duran Duran, and veteran of Madison Square Garden

“To me the writing and recording of a song is only the tip of the rock ‘n’ roll iceberg- the performance of that song is really what makes the connection with the audience and creates hits. We as performers are at the control panel to create that connection. This book will show you the way.”

Jim Peterik , cofounder of The Ides of March and Survivor. Writer of “Eye of the Tiger,” “Vehicle” and 18 top 20 hits. Author of “Songwriting for Dummies” and veteran of Madison Square Garden

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