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A Wine Sales And Marketing Guide For Wineries, Négociants & Wine Brand Owners


95% of the wine brands that are developed and launched each year ultimately fail. Just visit your local wine shop and you will see the same wine brands on the shelf year after year as the new brands seem to quickly disappear, with only a few making it longer. Taken in by the allure, charm and enchantment of wine country, thousands of entrepreneurs come to the wine industry attempting to create the next successful winery or wine brand, only to learn one difficult and very costly lesson . . .

Great Wine Is Not Enough

Whether you’re thinking of moving to the Napa Valley and living the wine country dream, or if you have the next great wine brand idea, this highly informative yet succinct guide will place your wine venture in the 5% that do succeed. Written from a wine industry insiders perspective, it will bring to light the great importance of sales & marketing as the keys to your overall success, and give you insights that only come with years of industry experience.

About The Author
Author of the highly acclaimed “When Great Wine Is Not Enough - A Wine Sales & Marketing Guide For Wineries, Négociants & Wine Brand Owners”, named the 2018 North Bay Business Journal Winery Sales & Marketing Officer Of The Year, with over 17 years of wine experience, having managed or sold over 20 million cases of wine and developed over 500+ wine brands while receiving 14 packaging awards… author, wine executive, label designer, wine blogger, fine wine investor and wine public speaker Eric Guerra has led some of the industries’ most iconic wineries and wine brands, including his recent wine venture, a direct-to-consumer private Wine + Music club that offers high-end wines that are paired with musically inspired label artwork and playlists.

When Great Wine Is Not Enough

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