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Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers' brand new cd signed by Mindi.  10 brand new songs featuring an enthralling mix of original material along with some cleverly reworked covers of songs from The Rascals, Etta James and others, No Good Deed is the band’s most multidimensional album to date and reflects the longtime camaraderie between the Boneshakers’ Randy Jacobs (guitar and vocals), Rodney Lee (keys), Ben White (bass, vocals) and Third Richardson (drum, vocals) and lead vocalist and award-winning saxophonist Mindi Abair. Not only does the album showcase the diverse talent of each bandmember and their knack for creating music that is undeniably evocative and irrepressibly energetic, this time they’ve peeled back the layers to reveal more of their respective influences, unleashing unbridled infusions of rock, blues and soul.

Signed No Good Deed CD

SKU: 762183474527